Monday, January 31, 2011

Can't. Wake. Up.

Ever have one of those mornings where it seems there's not enough coffee in the world to wake you up? Yeah, that's where I am today. I'm worn out from the weekend's events. It was great fun - going back to campus on Saturday and watching my Cats beat Georgia made for a wonderful Saturday.

But, now we're back at work, the sky is gray and there's more snow in this week's forecast. So, I'm going to my happy place in my head - a warm beach, the sun on my face and long afternoon naps. Okay, back to more coffee.

How was your weekend?
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James said...

It's good to be tired from a great weekend.

High Heeled Life said...

Yeah for a great week-end... aww that photo has me dreaming of beach and sand!!! xo HHL

Metropolitan Mum said...

Urgh, same here. xx

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Good morning, it's a lovely morning
Good morning, what a wonderful day
We danced the whole night through
Good morning, good morning to you!

Good Morning
Judy Garland

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Hope your day wakes up soon, haha!
Have a great week, Jen.

Britta said...

Dear Jen,
and I thought I was getting spring-tiredness! Husband and I had a beautiful weekend, visiting an photo-exhibition, walking through the Baroque garden of a castle - but today I was tired. Maybe the changes from almost spring to Siberian temperatures (again) is the culprit?

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I am sharing your feelings...second cup and still no jolt!
Busy weekends take their toll...
if only I had a maid to bring me coffee and toast in bed!

Tote said...

I feel your pain. I sometimes have those mornings. Bring on the coffee. It is a good tired though because you have great memories of your great weekend!

Anonymous said...

My weekend didnt wear me out and that's where I am at also.

The Southern Lady said...

Good morning from Tokyo!

Our weekend was slow, which is great considering how last week ended. But the fact that our family of four was together the entire time made each day very special.

We've had a hard time going back to our weekly schedule, too. Is it something in everybody's water supply? I'm starting to wonder!

Here's to hoping your energy picks up and you have a lovely week ahead. Celebrate! It's February now!



Tessa said...

Enough with the cold weather already, right!!!? I can't believe ice and snow are heading our way AGAIN. I hit snooze a few times this morning too!

bevy said...

Gorgeous, sunny and unseasonably warm weekend! But today was gray, wet, and cold... Springtime, where are you?!?!?!

Jo said...

Great weekend but slow work week. We are on snow day #6. These days off aren't going to be so great when we're making them up in 90 degree weather with no air conditioning. Looks like we'll be adding another day tomorrow ~ ugh!


Jessi said...

Sounds like a great weekend. The picture looks like heaven...I'll take that and a full night sleep ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sandy beach, we need this in Montreal, I am now thinking of hibernating.

I dream of the Bahamas, (a bit tired of White Christmas)