Monday, January 3, 2011

Blazing New Trails

My New Year’s buddies are these Montrail walking/trail shoes. I bought them late last week and have worn them on the treadmill and around the neighborhood every day. Great shoes! And the even better thing is that we had a gift card to the Trail Store where I purchased them, so I didn’t have to shell out the full amount on my own. Woo hoo!

In addition to my new shoes, I bought some cool socks made from recycled bottles to wear with them. How granola am I? Not very, but it’s fun to pretend with my new outdoorsy wardrobe. :)

Seriously, though, I have been looking into participating in some trail walks/hikes in the spring, so I’m hoping I can take my new shoes “off-road.”

Everyone having a great day back? It was tough for all of us this morning, the kids especially. But, it was time for them to return to their routines. I spent the weekend taking down ornaments and other Christmas decorations, so all that’s left is a bare tree in the living room and boxes waiting to be placed in the basement for another year. Sigh.

With the cold weather in full-force and the holidays behind us, I’m looking forward to college basketball (Go Cats!) and the NFL playoffs. What about you?
Image from Montrail


Tote said...

We still have to take down decorations. Not looking forward to it. But it is a new year and time for new beginnings!

Kerr said...

I am in desperate need of some new running shoes. I wish I had a gift card, they can be so expensive!

Out Of A Bandbox said...

Hiking or camping clothes/gear can get pricey, but it's a fun wardrobe to build. They're an entity unto themselves, no doubt.

Town and Country Mom said...

Happy Trails to you in 2011! I love the idea of doing some trail walks. My boys hike, but they are more into the strenuous backpacking type stuff. Trail walking sounds cool.

Ella said...

We have one more week with Christmas holiday and the no-routine-life. So the Christmas tree have some days left before we throw it out in the cold snow.
Good luck with the trail shoes!

bevy said...

I still have my tree up... Will come down by the sixth, however! Have fun with your new shoes... Happy trails to you!

A Refocused Life said...

Thanks for the FYI on the shoes - I'm searching for a new pair.

I'm still celebrating the twelve days of Christmas, so I haven't started the removal and take-down process yet. UGH! Christmas ecorating in reverse just doesn't give me the same feeling of joy and cheer.