Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow, Snow and More Snow

We had another snow day on Tuesday. Kids home. Hubby and I working from home. General chaos that ensues when kids are cooped up too long indoors.

Around lunchtime, the kids and I bundled up and ventured outdoors. It was cold and still snowing, but it was fun to frolic with them in the yard. We tried to build a snow man, but the snow was too powdery; would have been perfect for skiing. After coming in for lunch, they ventured back out again for some more snow-time, but didn't stay long. It was time to come back inside and watch a movie.

Here's the aftermath of the snow adventure (I really need to invest in a nicer camera - my phone is a poor option for blogging):

The whole process of bundling kids up for playing in the snow is not fun, to say the least. The time, energy and sweat - whew! But, they had fun and were able to run around a bit, which was much needed. 

I was hoping that by the time they were finished playing outside, both of them would crash and finally get a much-needed nap. Little Man eventually succumbed to the day's activities, but it was right before dinner, which meant I had an unhappy camper on my hands when I had to wake him up much sooner than expected. 

The kids certainly are racking up the snow days. They'll be going into June at this point! They did return to their normal schedules today, thank goodness.

I heard today that every state in the country, except for Florida, has snow on the ground in some location. Yes, even Hawaii, apparently. Unbelievable.

Try to stay warm, folks. I'm already planning our summer vacation. I need something warm and sandy in which to look forward!

P.S. - Props to my University of Kentucky Wildcats for their win over Auburn last night. Yeah, War Eagles, you may have won the BCS Bowl, but you got nothin' on us in basketball. :)


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Appears your have been busy, lol.
Just darling images of sweet ones. Enjoy the mess. It will be cleaned up before you know it.
Have a great day.

Danielle said...

What is with all this snow?!

Yeah, I'm not sure the War Eagles could beat the school for the blind in basketball this year. Sad.

Tote said...

Oh, those were the days! I remember dressing them up, sending them out, undressing them when they come in and trying to dry everything out in time to go out again!
A lot of work, but it does go too quickly!

Town and Country Mom said...

Sweet days, indeed. We have been home three days now; postponing our school midterms. Trying to get mine to study even a little has been no easy task. Today they are having to earn their "screen time" with chores and studying. It is only 20 here, so playing in the snow is not so fun.

Anonymous said...

too funny! i was reading your post when you commented on mine!!
I love playing in the snow, but it is alot of work to just get dressed! i am back at work today & it has started snowing again.
Y'all have fun, stay safe & warm!

High Heeled Life said...

The snow and cold are wonderful to look at and appreciate from inside, while enjoying a nice wood burning fire. It has been really cold here, we have been fortunate on the amount of snow fall - no where as much as we tend to get this time of year.
Hope you were able to enjoy a cup tea today with the little ones back at school.
adorable pic of your little guy.xx HHL

Beth Dunn said...

Cutie pie!

Jo said...

It's a workout just getting ready to venture out!

We are snowed in here in CT. We just got another 18 inches of heavy snow on top of the 9 inches that arrived over the weekend. Tuesday will deliver yet another storm. The best part ... my husband is out at sea. Ugh!


Farmchick said...

My small town, here in central KY, is chock of of UK fans. With just a sprinkle of UL fans. lol We continue to have snow here and another snow day tomorrow.

melissa said...

Yes my entryway looks like that virtually every day!