Friday, January 14, 2011

Need a Feel-Good Moment?

I heard this story on the way home yesterday and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. End your week on a sweet note by listening to this interview with Elizabeth Hughes, as well as watching her performance of the National Anthem at a hockey game (keep in mind that the audio on her microphone cuts out while she's singing).

Hope you have a great weekend! On Saturday we'll be hosting friends at our house as we cheer on the Wildcats against LSU (GO CATS!!!), as well as the Steelers against Baltimore. Stay warm, everyone!
Image courtesy of You Tube and interview taken from NPR


Ella said...

A sweet Friday story. Thanks!
Happy weekend to you too/ Ella

chrischaos said...


Tote said...

Nice start to the weekend!!
Have a good one.

bevy said...

Too sweet... Thanks for sharing this! Have a great weekend!

Eloise said...

That was so sweet! Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you've had a good weekend and are beginning to thaw out from all that snow!