Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School and A Day with the Ponies

Today marks Little Man's first day in the 4-year old Pre-K program at his school. Next stop: Kindergarten. So, I had to take a few shots of him before he left for school, because as the second child, poor little guy has far less documentation of his life than his older sister (I know, bad mommy.)

Then, of course, said sister had to join in the shot for a funny-face photo.

Big sister, aka Miss E., has been having quite the time of it over the last week, as her first day of school approaches this Wednesday. Between alternating days with my dad and my mother-in-law, she's been living the life. Last week, Grandpa took her to the backside at Churchill Downs to watch the morning workouts, visit the horses and have breakfast at the track kitchen.

Ah, breakfast of champions.

The action is literally right outside the window at the backside track kitchen.

She met a 14-year old cat who keeps the horses company and the barns rid of mice.

After spending the day experiencing what most people will not - a special behind-the-scenes tour of the world-famous Churchill Downs - she later said her favorite part of the day was going to the movies to see "Smurfs" with Grandpa. Sigh.

So, friends, for those of you with kids, are they ready for school? Are you? The local public schools were supposed to start today. But, a major windstorm swept through Saturday evening, knocking out power across the state, along with major damage to homes, trees, etc. Therefore, school has been postponed for one more day.

Sometimes I feel like I live in the extreme-weather capital of the world. Sheesh!

Have a great Monday, folks!
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sweetpea said...

So cute!!!

Danielle said...

Precious! His 'smile' looks all too familiar to me (:

I just want you to know that I emailed that Tim Winter guy because I was seriously in love with his style. Turns out he does work in Lexington! Now I just need to find several hundred thousand dollars and we're set!

A coworker of mine went to the tour in L'ville and said that house was by far the most impressive. Thanks again for posting about it.

James said...

You are doing such a wonderful job of parenting. Throw in Dad and the grandparents and you've got those angels on the right track(pun intended!)

JMW said...

Danielle, wow, you got in touch with Tim Winters! Yeah, I love his style. He definitely does not specialize in McMansion cookie-cutter homes. That house is lovely, although I wondered if the tour was cancelled yesterday, b/c most of that neighborhood was without power Saturday night into Sunday.

Jennifer said...

First day of pre school! so cute!...sorry for the delay of school...your daughter is so w the ponies!
Enjoy some Mommy time!!!

Ella said...

They are so cute both of them. It's always something special when the kids start with a new school, both when they are 4 and 15. I've started work today but the children will start on Monday.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Oh, your little man is so precious. arranged marriage w/ Stella? He's a only a tad older. Hope he enjoyed his first day of school and your little miss priss had a fun day, too!

Anonymous said...

Awww....First day of school!!!! Love it!!!

Saucy said...

We are NOT QUITE ready for school, my daughter will be a junior in high school this year and this requires many, many excursions to the mall, hours of internet research and a thorough inspection of the latest Seventeen magazine. I long for the days when I made a pit stop at Wal Mart and Gymboree and she was set...

LPC said...

Oh my gosh your children are so cute. Sort of like archetypal kids.