Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday Night Musings

One of my Friday-night destinations, where all the cool kids hang. They let me in, too.

Friday night was Girls’ Night. While I had been looking forward to it, it took all the energy I had to head back downtown for dinner at 7:30 p.m. after a long week. But, it was one of those things that once you do it, you’re glad you did.

Dinner was great, although the AC was on the fritz at the restaurant, so while the food was fabulous, our hair and make-up were worse for wear.

Afterward, we walked to a new place called Garage Bar, that’s become known for their excellent pizza, oysters and drinks. It’s housed in an old filling station and has a really cool look and vibe. But, to say I felt a little out of place in my Lilly Pulitzer dress is an understatement. It’s where all the hipsters go, although there were some “regular” folk like us scattered throughout. I did feel a bit old. Oh, well. At that point, all that mattered as the AC was going strong, so the girls and I saddled up to the bar, order some of Garage Bar’s specialty drinks and stayed put in the cool air.

Garage Bar also is known for many of their non-alcoholic drinks, carrying a wide variety of sodas and creating a number of specialty concotions, including the P&H Soda line made in Brooklyn, as well as the Louisville Egg Cream.

One thing I found so curious that night was the immense popularity of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer among this hipster set of 20-somethings. Seriously? When did this happen? When I was in college, PBR was among the cheap skunk-juice beers that you bought because that’s all you can afford. Now, at events and bars/restaurants, I see these young professionals walking around with PBR tallboys and such. I don’t know about you, but when I got to a certain age and started making a certain amount of money, PBR was far in my rearview mirror. I’ll have an import or microbrew, thank-you-very-much. Actually, make mine a gimlet or Dark n’ Stormy and leave it at that.

So, friends, ever have one of those “Boy, I feel old” or “Why are the kids these days doing that??” moments lately? Please share so that I know I’m not alone.
Images from Garage Bar and Garage Bar's Facebook page


Main Line Sportsman said...

You are NOT alone on this...and the PBR thing is quite puzzling.

LPC said...

Well, thanks for clearing up what PBR stands for! I'd seen those initials mentioned and had no idea what they meant:). What I cannot understand is long jeans cutoffs.

Jennifer said...

Reminds me of the time I went to a bar in stone harbor that Dave Matthews was known to visit...and ordered a brandy Alexander! the guy looked at me like I was nuts...only beer there!...glad u had a date night!,,,

Town and Country Mom said...

Oh yes, I well remember thinking "I could probably still blend in on my college campus" about 20 years ago, and then promptly being "ma'am-ed" by a waiter. Eeesh. I'm only minutes away from being offered the senior discount nowadays. Still, I'd rather be here than there.

High Heeled Life said...

Good morning my friend.. catching up on blog visits and reading. What a fabulous few days you have had! ... Oh I adore JO .. her elegance and grace priceless! I'm with you on the hot weather ...

That kitchen tour was great - I agree if those people could just step aside ... please... ;)

Glad that you went ... sometimes getting ready is tough ... but once there its great time , to be with friends. To answer your question... the other evening Mr. G and I were lounging in the family room we looked at the clock and said just think a few years ago we would just be getting ready to go out .. now we are ready for bed... it was 11 pm .. and past our how things change. Wishing you a cooler week ahead ..xo HHL

MissBliss said...

ha ha, nope, you are not alone!

I was in an antique store and saw toys I'd played with as a kid. Totally freaked me out.

I am in my mid thirties!

I analyzed it and figured they were hand me down toys, lol.

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xo xo from Miami Beach