Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The "Look"

I'm going to have this image placed on a coffee mug. If I'm carrying this mug into a meeting, or into the living room - with this look on my face - just know you've been warned.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful and insightful comments about yesterday's topic. Great feedback from both sides of the aisle, which I so appreciate. And, a shout-out to my new followers and new folks who have dropped by to say hi. It's great to hear from you! You make this little 'ol blog worth while.
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High Heeled Life said...

This is too priceless!! You'll have to post pics of the mug ... LOL.. Have a wonderful day! xo HHL

bellamia said...

This made me truly laugh out loud! Love it! Hahaha! Might have to get me one of those mugs too! :) Happy soon to be long weekend to you!!

Mrs Peeks Farmhouse said...

That's hilarious! I laugh every time I even think about it. My kids say I have "A look" just before I go off, I wonder if its as funny?
Thanks for the laugh!
Mrs Peeks Farmhouse