Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cheers to the Happy Couple

Zara Phillips on her wedding day. She wore her mother's Greek key tiara, which had been a gift to Princess Anne from Queen Elizabeth in 1972.

Another one of my favorite royals (although her mum opted to not have royal titles bestowed upon her children), Zara Phillips, married her rugby man, Mike Tindall, in a lovely ceremony in Scotland over the weekend. Zara is the only daughter of The Princess Royal, Anne.

Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne, married Mike Tindall in Scotland last Saturday.

Yet again, we were treated to a lovely dress and an adorable couple who have been together for a few years, appear to be best friends and well suited for one another. She's a world champion equestrian, he's a well-known rugby player in the U.K. You not only see Zara on the sidelines cheering Mike on, but he's right there by her side at many of her competitions. Clearly they are partners.

The stunning dress was designed by Stuart Parvin.

Prince Harry, along with newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, attended their cousin Zara's wedding.

I've always liked Zara; she seems so down-to-earth. Perhaps that's because she doesn't have to live the fish bowl-like existence other royals do, making all of the requisite royal appearances. Granted, she is privileged - she is the granddaughter of the Queen of England after all - but she appears to have her head on straight and doesn't get caught up in the trappings that are associated with the "Life Royal."

I love this ad that Zara did for Land Rover - a nod to her life in the field and muck with her beloved horses.

A honeymoon will have to wait for the newlyweds, as Zara returns to training for her next big equine competition and Mike has an upcoming game for Glouscester Rugby. 

Cheers to the happy couple!
Images from Reuters, marieclaire.co.uk and The U.K. Daily Mail


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Oh those Royals really know how to dress!
I adore and covet that Greek Key tiara...don't you love how smart the gents look?

Anonymous said...

A good head on her shoulders? Of course she does... she married a rugger!
Long live gentlemen playing the hooligan's game.

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High Heeled Life said...

She look absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these photos ... xo HHL