Friday, February 10, 2012

'Ali in Wonderland'

I like Ali Wentworth. I know some people don't, perhaps for a variety of reasons. They think her humor is too goof ball. (I, for one, think she's very funny with the right amount of wit.) Or they don't like her because she's married to George Stephanopoulos. (Yeah, I spelled it correctly. Cut & paste is a marvelous thing.) Or, they think she's had everything handed to her in life because of her sliver-spoon upbringing. (Not only are the Wentworths WASPy Mayflower descendents, Ali's mom, Muffie, was Nancy Reagan's social secretary and her dad was a political writer for the Washington Post.)

Anyhoo, Ms. Wentworth has a new book out called "Ali in Wonderland," which I may need to purchase for a good laugh and a little more insight into the life of Ali and George. She recently made an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America to discuss her book with Robin Roberts. It's so funny to watch George's reactions when the camera pans to him. You can tell he's thinking "Oh, Lord, what's she going to say next?"

Ms. Wentworth, oh, heck, let's call her Ali, also has a new webcast, "The Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth." It's filmed at her kitchen table and she talks about a variety of topics, from motherhood to current events. When she recounts her first date with George in one of the episodes, it's a bit TMI , but that's just her. She puts it all out there.
And, one more thing, I'm tired of people giving her flack over her eyes. She's often criticized for the bags under her eyes. You know what folks? Some of us have to wear more concealer than others. It's either genetic or it's because we have young kids and a good night's sleep eludes us. So, back off, will you?

It's Friday, friends. I'm so glad to have survived. This weekend is our daughter's school fundraiser. We'll be donning western boots and bling for the "Diamonds and Denim" theme. Should be fun!
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JulesTX said...

I'm also a fan of Ali Wentworth.....I like her humor a lot.

Ella said...

I didn't know her before your post but I've been watching different things with her for about half an hour now (it's Friday evening and the family is watching The Simpsons). You have inspired me to films before like Breakfast at Tiffany's and Casablanca, now I want to see It's complicated even if I understand that she only has a supporting roll in that film.

Beth Dunn said...

I've been seeing a lot of her interviews and excerpts in magazines and I think she is funny.

Renée Finberg said...

diamonds and denim....
we have that here as well!!

i am sorry....
i don't know her.
but now,

Suburban Princess said...

Hm I have seen her around but never paid much attention. I might just have to read her book!

Lily Lemontree said...

I love Ali Wentworth, she is hilarious! I'be been a fan if hers since she was on 'In Living Color' and have been on a never ending quest to get a hold of another book of hers, 'The Wasp Cookbook'. Since acquiring the first book has eluded me up to now, I won't think twice about scooping this one up!
Hope you have a super time at the fundraiser!

Amy R. said...

I like Ali. I will have to check all this out. She replied to a tweet from Katie Brown and included me in it recently. I totally thought it could not be the real Ali but it was. I thought she was cool for doing that:)

btw...when are you going to start Tweeting??

We could be chirping:)
Amy R.

About Last Weekend said...

She sounds like such a cool woman, anyone who keeps a talk show host guessing is my kind of person!

The Entertaining House said...

I know nothing about her - will have to check out her book. I'm all for TMI and putting it out there! LOL And as for her bags, good for her for not succumbing to plastic surgery!

I'mm dying to get my hands on the new JFK intern book... juicy!!!!!!!!

JMW said...

Amy, I should have a Twitter account, but I've looked at it as just one more thing I need to keep up with - guess I need to join the cool kids and start Tweeting!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

I've always wanted to be a fly on their wall just to see what they are like at home.