Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Manliest Town in America

It's Ash Wednesday, friends. So long chocolate, hello fish fry Fridays. And, of course, we have to pick up our daughter's Girl Scout cookies this Sunday to be delivered next week. Why, Girl Scouts of America? Why must you torture us this way??

Anyhoo, in other news, apparently my hometown of Louisville has been named by GQ Magazine the "Manliest Town in America. That's right, ladies. If you're looking for a real man, come to Derby City. Apparently, it's the bourbon and bettin' the horses, among other attributes, that make our men such studs. According to GQ:

Lou-uh-vul strikes a balance between the traditions for which it's justly famous and a right-now vibe that gives the town and its 750,000 residents a kind of courtly southern swagger. The gentlemen of Louisville know how to compliment a woman—and do so often.

Yep, that's why I married a hometown boy. There's something you gotta love about a man who can wear seersucker and a bowtie on Derby Day, yet also don jeans and T-shirt like nobody's business. He can hunt, fish and smoke a fine cigar, yet play tea party with his little girl. They're gentlemen through and through and they respect their mamas. That's a true manly-man.
Images from Graves Cox and pinmarklet


Mariette said...

Dearest Jen,

You name a few great character aspects. Respecting their Mama for a man is a big plus. In general, the way they treat elderly, children and pets reveals a lot about them.
You're lucky as I can read it. Hope your root canal is not giving you any problems for now. Wishing you comfort and all the best.
Love to you,


Suburban Princess said...

I will have to make a stop there the next time I am down south!

Ella said...

Smile, I like that brain picture!

Main Line Sportsman said...

Well said at the end there.....

Lily Lemontree said...

Quite happy with the 'mister' I have but if ever I am on the hunt, I know where to head! (LOL!)

Renée Finberg said... this.

i love a man that can reallt dress.
You have one.

About Last Weekend said...

That is a true manly-man... to be a great dad but also wear the seersucker, I look I just love!

Beth Dunn said...

Your Hubby sounds perfect and your home town is FUN!

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