Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend - Giants or Patriots?

So, who are you pulling for in this year's Super Bowl? Since I'm NOT a Tom Brady fan, I'll be cheering for the Giants. I like the Mannings, so I'll cheer on Eli and team.  And, because I'm also a big Peyton Manning fan, another reason to root for little brother. This drives my husband crazy, because he says I should be supporting a team, not just an individual player. To that I say, "Get over it."

I hope that the game is at least close so it's worth watching. And, of course, the commercials are great, too. Have you seen Volkswagon's "The Bark Side?" It's the follow-up to 2011's little Darth Vader. Cute.  Could care less about Madonna at half-time. Probably won't watch much of that.

Will you be hosting a Super Bowl party or attending one? Which team will you support?

TGIF, friends. Made it through another one.
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Lily Lemontree said...

Not much of a football enthusiast but I never need an excuse to have a party! My husband is having a few friends over on Sunday but he takes care of the majority of the prep, it's the least he can do since my home is overtaken by testosterone for an entire day!

1 said...

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Amy R. said...

I just want to see Madonna:) I am sure she will be over the top! Have a good one!!

Amy R.