Monday, February 13, 2012

Bright Lights, Big City

So, friends, I won't be posting much this week because I'm getting ready to head here for a conference:

If you've been to Sin City, any suggestions on where to go and what to do? (Keep it clean, folks.) Would love some recommendations. Aside from horse racing, I'm not a big gambler, but everyone tells me I should at least throw down one bet while I'm there.

Best of all? I'm heading there on VALENTINE'S DAY. Yeah, I get to fly out with all of the couples on the way to their quickie weddings. Can you smell the romance? I'm sure the line at the drive-thru wedding chapel will be at least 10 cars deep.

I do hope to spot an Elvis or two while I'm out there. And, if he's performing a wedding, all the better. That alone would make the trip worthwhile.

Have a great week, friends! Talk to you soon!

P.S. - Congrats to Adele for her many Grammy Awards last night.  Well deserved, girlfriend!

Image from Travel National Geographic


bellamia said...

Have fun!!!

Lily Lemontree said...

I'be always wanted to visit Vegas, if only to come across an Elvis, it would be the pinnacle of my trip! Hope you have a marvelous time!!

myletterstoemily said...

celine's show is amazing! the shopping
is great, too!

if you have any tendencies toward
migraines, wear your sunglasses inside.
the flashing lights, bells, and whistles can
be overwhelming.

i don't know a thing about gambling,

have fun!

Suburban Princess said...

LV is on my bucket list - not because it holds any appeal for me but because it's just one of those things one must do at some point. Have a great time! Yes, place a bet, get some sun and enjoy your conference!

Ella said...

Have a great time there!

The next time my headmaster asks for a suggestion about where we could have a conference I tell her that someone I know went to Las Vegas, so why can't we....

The Southern Lady said...

Good afternoon from L.A.!

Long time, I know, but I did a little happy dance when I realized you would be so close to us over the next few days. Vegas is only 3 hours by car from Oak Park! In any case, if nothing else, won't seeing those in the thrall of young love make you so happy for yours? be sure to get many a-picture as you know what you see in Vegas you'll see no place else!

I hope you find Elvis, catch a Celine show, and hit the Fashion Mall. Be sure to stop in one of Emeril Lagasse's eateries and tell him hello!

Enjoy and have fun...just not Hangover fun. ;)



Nezzy said...

Woohoo sweetie, have a grand time. Nope, I have to advice for ya. 'Never been to Sin~City...shoot I don't get of the Ponderosa much.

Have a fantastic trip and I can't wait to hear what a blast ya'll had!

Don't forget the camera...just in case ya spot Elvis!

God bless and enjoy the trip!!! :o)

Chic Coles said...

Have a great time. Take pictures if you have time.

Main Line Sportsman said...

My suggestion....take advantage of some of the Casino "lesson" tables...they will teach you how to play form of fun gambling there is...and it seems intimidating...but it is NOT.

Jennifer said...

have a wonderful time! I have been to Vegas 2x..I am not a gambler but we had a great time. I LOVE Bellagio...that have great shops and check out the os pool area even if you cant is gorgeous!(Picture me at the pool) It is best to take taxi from casino to casino to get around...we are not big walkers...We saw Celine there...FAB! and Mama Mia and one of the cirque du a show is fun if you have time...the 2nd time we spent a few nights at Wynn...the rooms are fabulous..also a very upscale shopping area...we had the best laugh when we wandered into the one over 18 pool area (I thought bc you could gamble at the bar) only to find out as we were leaving it was a topless pool) The few women were laying on their stomachs...Ha Ha Ha...
Have a great trip..I will be praying for you! xx Jennifer

Beth Dunn said...

Have so much fun!