Monday, June 25, 2012

'Just Keep Swimming...'

Well, I experienced my first swim meet with my kids this weekend. And, I've concluded that the temperature at a swim meet is likely akin to the surface of the sun.

Go Typhoons!

It was certainly a long, hot day, but it was great to see our kids compete. At first, they wanted no part of it, especially when we arrived and they saw the controlled chaos that is a swim meet in progress.

I thought they would be psyched to run out the doors of the snack bar when the team was introduced. But, between the cheering and the loud siren-like noise (similar to when the home team is announced at a basketball game), that sounded when the team came out, our kids were a bit overwhelmed. Our son ran to us in tears and our daughter crossed her arms, shaking her head.

But, once it came time for them to swim, they were troopers. Our son finished second out of five swimmers in his heat. Our daughter swam against one other girl, and while Miss E. didn't win, she gave it 110%. The timer pulled her out of the water and gave her a ribbon. It may have been for just making it to the end without drowning, but she was proud of herself nonetheless, as were we.

Our Typhoons gave it their all, but in the end, we lost to the Gators. Although, the Gators are the best team in the league, so I don't feel too bad. At the end of the meet, the coaches from the two teams competed against each other for fun, which the swimmers LOVED since they adore their coaches, and it's always a treat to see collegiate swimmers in action.

The Olympic trials are next week in Omaha, so I'm hoping to catch some of the action on TV. We'll definitely be watching a number of swimming and diving competitions during the London Olympics.

So, are/were your kids swimmers and have you experienced the God-awful heat of a swim meet? Or are/were you a swimmer?

It's going to be in the 100s later this week, so you'll definitely find us in the pool after work. Stay cool, friends!

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Kerr said...

I started swimming at 6 in our local country club league. A year later I starred year round and swam through college. I loved it. I don't swim as much as id like now as I don't have access to a real non kidney shaped pool but I wish I could.

Ella said...

I'm trying to catch up and You seem to have a wonderful summer time at the beach and around the pool! You must have been very proud when your children swam in the competition.

Lisa said...

Many many years ago we did swim team. Actually my kids did. Actually my kids did swim team practice. One day. My son froze to death and my daughter was sure she was going to drown to death from being "tired." They're not big on swim team - can you tell - and I hear from neighbors about the poolside heat index!
Good for you mom - and for your darling guppy!
xo Lisa