Friday, June 22, 2012

'Simply Bags'

The kind folks at Simply Bags  sent me this personlized tote to try out for summer. I have to say, it passed the test! I'm not always kind to my bags, especially pool bags. They get tossed on the ground, stained with sunscreen, loaded down with wet towels, and generally roughed up throughout the season. So, I vowed that I would treat this bag with a little more care.

While we still lug our large Scout bag to the pool, this is a nice alternative for when I'm meeting the family there after work. The kids may have swim practice, so with the big bag already at the pool, I can fill this one with my iPhone, wallet, keys and a towel and hit the road. What's also great is that it has a zipper, an inside pocket and is very lightweight.

Simply Bags has a wide variety of bags, from totes to iPad cases to diaper bags, even sorority bags for your college-bound daughter.

Thanks again to Simply Bags for my nautical-themed bag - perfect for 4th of July at the pool!

It's Friday, friends. Can I have an "Amen?"

Image property of JMW A Place to Dwell blog 


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Looks like a keeper...a great colour choice too.

I swear by our Land's End boat totes as they are sturdy, and have stood up well over the years.

AEOT said...

Really cute! Love the stripes and the colors. Have a great weekend!!

High Heeled Life said...

Sounds like a great bag for all the stuff we would take to cottage/boating too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it. xo HHL

sweetpea said...

love it!!!