Monday, June 4, 2012

Water Weekend

Great weekend - spent most of it near or in the water. Saturday we were treated to a river cruise with some friends. It was a beautiful day.

Then, we went back to the pool and hung out with the kids.

We finally found a way to get our son to agree to join the swim team. Her name is Sarah, she's the coach for ages 6 and under, and she's a tall and tan 18-year-old blond. That was the only motivation he needed. Oh, yeah, and the Skittles candy she hands out after practice. (I should get Sarah to serve him green vegetables while we're at it.)

How was your weekend?

Counting down the hours until vacay. Can. Not. Wait.

Images property of JMW A Place to Dwell


preppyplayer said...

Whatever works! Love your skirt by the way :)

Main Line Sportsman said...

In that first picture you two look like a fabulously wealthy couple standing in front of your yacht!

About Last Weekend said...

Lovely pic of you! Skittles and cuties always works!

Ella said...

What a weekend you had, with a trip on a yacht! Oh that's luxury to me, and you saw my cold "farming" weekend (thanks for your sweet comment) and even if I liked it, it was far away from yours.

JMW said...

Preppy, thanks for the comment about my skirt!

Yeah, MLS, we can pretend to look the part, huh? There were about 40 of us on the cruise - great food and a gorgeous day on the river.

annechovie said...

You're such a great-looking couple and it looks like fun! xo

sweetpea said...

just seeing this post! Hilarious on the swim lessons!
And I love your skirt on your little getaway! Hope it was wonderful!