Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Countdown to Next Week

The Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia, where the Greenbrier Resort resides.

Hubby is out of town on business until Thursday, so I’m playing single mom this week and it’s already wearing me out. The kids have gotten into this habit of climbing into bed with us in the middle of the night, so our sleep is constantly interrupted with little ones trying to vie for space and then one of us carrying them back to their own rooms. So, last night, I just let them snooze with me because I was too tired and there was enough room for the three of us. Oh, well.

So, as I deal with lack of sleep this week, it just makes thoughts of next week even sweeter, because we’re going to The Greenbrier for our wedding anniversary. Yea! I’m going to sleep late, take a nap each day and take it as easy as I can. The only thing on the agenda right now is a spa session for me, hunting clays for Hubby and high tea each day at 4 p.m. I may do more, but what we have planned so far sounds like heaven right now.

I’m going to miss my kiddos very much, but Mommy needs some R&R. And, it’s our 10th anniversary – a big one to celebrate. So, I’m looking forward to having Hubby to myself for a few days. I can’t wait!
Image courtesy of The Greenbrier


QueenBeeSwain said...

talk about fabulous! you are going to have so much fun and what a great shiny nugget to have as incentive to get everything wrapped up and locked down so you can go and just relax!



Tickled Pink Talk said...

Sounds so great! We just celebrated our 10th too!
My hubby travels alot for work, so I feel your pain (except I don't have to try to get myself ready for work, and then actually work all day and THEN be a single mom!!) Hang in there, and how lovely that you have to weekend to look forward to!