Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Food Stories - The Final Chapter (for now)

Thanks again to everyone who entered the Southern Living cookbook giveaway and shared their delicious recipes and charming stories about family, friends and good home cooking. Thought I’d share the last three stories with you. Bon appetite!

TLM at Teresa Bug shared this delightful story.

I would love to add that cookbook to my collection!

Food is such a huge part of my family that I am having a hard time coming up with one recipe. We have so many traditions (chocolate pie at Thanksgiving, egg strata on Christmas, ribs and BBQ Pork Butt in the summer, the list goes on) One thing that my mom has always made every summer and has now become a shared experience with the whole family is pickle relish. It isn't nearly as sweet as what you buy in the store and it is the perfect touch to potato salad, hamburgers, macaroni salad, hotdogs, etc. One day it will probably be my job to make it.

Molly Lou Gifts

The lovely Mrs. Molly Lou shared this wonderful memory of one of her grandmother’s recipes. And, yes, please send along the recipe. It sounds great!

Thanks so much for doing this...I am so excited about this giveaway and think it is a fantastic idea. I am really finding my love for cooking and just adore Southern Living. Everyone has a story and food is such a way to bring people together and make those stories and memories.

I think my favorite recipe is my grandmother's homemade macaroni and cheese. My grandmother is such a fantastic woman and has lived quite a life. She grew up on a farm in the Midwest with just her father, after her mother died of typhoid fever; and then went on to raise two children alone after her husband died when my mother was just 8. She is so strong and has such a fantastic work ethic. She makes the best macaroni ever. I have tweaked it over the years by using reduced fat cheese, skim milk, and a little less butter. I also combine cheeses and use two different cheeses most of the time. My mother never made this growing up as she isn't much for macaroni and cheese, so it was always so special when I went to visit my grandmother. I remember the first time she let me help her make it for a big family dinner...she was making a triple batch to feed the masses. I felt like such a "grown up" that I was able to actually help and not just watch.

Every family has one recipe that seems to be passed down through the years and I hope that my children will one day make it too. I know it's a winner because Picky Pete, I mean, my son, will eat it. :) I am happy to share the full recipe if you want it. Thanks again for doing this...this was a fun little trip down memory lane.

Queen Bee Swain

Queen Bee Swain has offered up twist on the traditional grits dish, which I love. If you do get the recipe from your Nan, Queen Bee, please send it along. Garlic, cheese and grits – you can’t go wrong there!

I am going to have to call my Memphis bred and raised Nan- her garlic cheese grits are my hands down fav Southern food! She only makes them on holidays now and I do not know the recipe, which is a good thing because I'd be the size of a barge if I did- basically just grits with cheese, butter and garlic!

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Molly Lou Gifts said...

I'll send over the recipe. Thanks for posting and sharing. It was fun to read everyone's entry.