Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Henry Brown Bags

Ever have one of those days where you’re working like mad, taking care of everything from the kids to meeting deadlines at the office, and you think to yourself, “You know, I should really buy myself a present.” :)

I know, completely self-indulgent, but last week was tough and I needed a boost. So, what did I do? I ordered a new purse from Henry Brown Bags. HB is headquartered in Lexington, Ky. and features super-cute designs. I’m a sucker for buying local, so I felt the need to support the economy by buying from a Kentucky gal (I can really spin this, can’t I?).

I was in a boutique the other day that carries a few Henry Browns, but I didn’t see a style I liked. So, I went online and ordered the “Mimi Large” in green (see above) and decided to have it monogrammed. Well, a few minutes later I get an e-mail response that says Henry Brown is changing up their colors (they haven’t had a chance to update their Web site), and that particular green is no longer available. Ugh. So, they sent me a PDF of the new color line for fall in case I wanted to change my order.

Now, I’d hate to jump the gun on Henry Brown, so I won’t attach the new color line in this post. But, the colors are great, as are the matching interiors. I will say that I changed my order from green to their new “Dijon” with the interior lining in “Eloise Blue.” So, as soon as my present-to-me arrives, I’ll post a photo. Can't wait!

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone! We have a three-day weekend coming up. Yea!
Image courtesy of Henry Brown Bags


EntertainingMom said...

I so need to get a job... like RIGHT NOW!!! Adore that bag... adore it!

Anonymous said...

I love their bags! Can't wait to see your new present.

Amanda Profumo said...

You deserve it! Can't wait to see the new bag... I LOVE bags!