Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fine Things - Part 1

There are some things in life that, I'm not sure why, I'm just drawn to, such as stationery. I love writing on good card stock with a lovely emblem sitting atop the page. It makes me smile. Years ago, I ordered stationery from Smythson of Bond Street. It was a gorgeous blue paper with a gold leaf symbol at the top. A bit expensive, so I used the cards sparingly. There are so many stationery options these days, but sometimes it's nice to return to an old favorite.

I'm also a fan of Southern Proper and their men's ties. I bought one for Hubby (red background with black lab, in honor of our dog King and our late pup, Chance). I adore the "beau" ties as well. Having attended many-a-Kentucky Derby, I can't tell you how much I like seeing the men donning their finest duds, including a festive bow tie and a seersucker suit. In the words of one of my favorite bloggers, Bunny Tomerlin, "That's good, shug." SP also has a great Web site and I like the story behind the "belles" of the business. Whether your're a guy or a gal, stop by for a browse. You'll be glad you did.
Image courtesy of Smythson of Bond Street .

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Pamela's Pink Pencil said...

I worship all stationery! I have boxes upon boxes of note cards and thank you cards and no correspondance to justify them with. Thanks for the Southern Proper link. My beau is very Brooks Brothers and I haven't heard of Southern Proper! Good to know!