Monday, November 24, 2008


I love handbags - can't get enough of them. From high end (my wonderful kate spade) to craftsy deals on etsy, a new purse always puts a smile on my face. Unfortunately, with the huge leather bags that are the style right now, they do a number on my back. I already have to lug kids and their gear around, so to add a bag that weighs 10 lbs. before you put anything into it, well, I just can't do it. Which brings me to one of my favorites, Vera Bradley. I love Vera purses, luggage, etc. Some may consider her items too preppy or matronly, but not me. The quilted fabric is light enough so that I can stuff all of my necessities in there, including an extra diaper or two. Plus, Vera's newer designs offer some updates to the traditional styles. I received the new catalogue the other day and I'm really taken with the Cafe Latte pattern. I made sure Hubby saw it, too. While I do need a large tote to fit my stuff and the kids', it's not nearly as cumbersome as other purses out there. And, I can just use one big bag now, rather than a purse and diaper bag. Yea!
Photo courtesy of the Vera Bradley Web site.


Pamela's Pink Pencil said...

I agree. My teacher bag is Vera and the one thing I can depend on is that it will NEVER fall apart like a cheapie would and it is washable. Both of these are very important factors in bag selection!

Patsy said...

I always wonder if you can have too much Vera. I've decided the answer to that is no! I have several bags, but am currently in love with the messenger. It is a great bag. I am also very taken with several new patterns-mod pink, raspberry fizz and yellow bird.