Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fine Things - Part 2

If anyone has seen the film or the play "Six Degrees of Separation," you're familiar with the scene that discusses "a pot of jam." If you haven't seen the film, it's about a hussler/con man who poses as the son of Sidney Poitier, inserting himself in the lives of select wealthy families on the upper east side of Manhattan. Stockard Channing is wonderful as Ouisa Kitteridge. Anyway, one of the characters states that when rich people do something nice for you, you give them a pot of jam in return. That concept cracks me up. But when the young man sends the Kitteridges a "fancy pot of jam," they're in awe of the little item in its fancy, shiny wrapping. Not that I have wealthy Manhattanites on my Christmas list this year, but a pot of jam always makes for a nice gift. So, when your Harry & David or Williams-Sonoma catalogues arrive this year, consider a pot of jam or preserves. It's tasty on a scone or biscuit with a cup of tea. And it's so darn pretty!
Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

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