Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brit Lit

When we had a layover in Baltimore on our way to the beach last month, I purchased a novel by British author Penny Vincenzi called An Absolute Scandal. It’s full of characters all intertwined by a common financial scandal (actually written prior to the Bernie Madoff ordeal). And while it’s reminiscent of a soap opera, I found it a good diversion at the end of each day. Sometimes you just need to get lost in a good book, no matter how “lit-light” it may be. I shouldn’t be so snobby when it comes to books (the cross English majors bear); I commend people who actually read, rather than just stare at a TV or computer screen for hours on end. Never apologize for your choice of reading!

Well, I’m hooked now on Vincenzi’s writing and went onto Amazon last night to order three used copies of some of her other titles. She’s written several novels and I purchased a series about the Lytton family. I tend to go through withdrawal after I finish a good book, so I'm always onto the next good find. I really need to do a book swap soon because the books are piling up around me. I could use one stack as another bed side table at this point! Perhaps I should frequent the library a bit more and save some cash, huh? Hubby would probably agree with that statement wholeheartedly.

By the way Pat Conroy fans, advance orders for his latest novel, South of Broad, are now being taken. It’s due for release on August 11.
Jacket cover image courtesy of Amazon.com.


sophiedahydesigns said...

I just ordered it to read on my flight to Montana next month. Thanks for the info. Any other good vacation books you can recommend?

JMW said...

So glad to hear you ordered it - I think you'll like it. Very engrossing. For another fun read, is "Pretty in Plaid" by Jen Lancaster. I also read Ian McEwan's "Amsterdam" while on vacation. Another good one. I started reading more Pat Conroy in the last few months and I recommend his novels "Beach Music" and "The Water is Wide." If you like non-fiction, I recently read George Plimpton's biography of Truman Capote. Very good. Hope that gets you off to a good start!

EntertainingMom said...

Oooh, sounds good... despite being an English Major myself (and former writer) I do judge books by their covers and I adore what she is wearing! Isn't that terrible?! I will look for it next time I am out and about. I saw Rebecca Wells of Ya Ya Sisterhood fame has another book out... I am intrigued!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Sounds lovely, thanks for sharing!