Monday, July 20, 2009


Bummed to say that I didn't make it to Bikram on Saturday morning, because I got sidetracked when Little Man decided to get into the jar of Vaseline and apply it all over the bathroom and himself.

The kids were awake at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday and Hubby and I were trying to get just a few more minutes of sleep before starting the day. The kids were entertaining themselves in our daughter's room, or so we thought. Little Man came into our room and tried to grab my glasses, but I quickly shot up and caught him (he broke Hubby's glasses a few weeks ago, so I wasn't going to let that happen again!). When I put on my glasses, I couldn't see out of them - then I realized they were covered in Vaseline. Then I noticed Little Guy was covered in it, hair sticking straight up. I went into the bathroom and almost fell, because it was all over the floor, the countertop, the walls. All I could think was "How the heck do you remove Vaseline?? Vaseline is what you use to remove other things!!"

So, by the time we dealt with that, I was in great need of coffee and I only had the energy to sit at the kitchen table for a while. By this time, the yoga class was already underway. But, a girlfriend and I have committed to going to a class tonight, which will probably work out better anyway. I can drink plenty of water throughout the day and be better prepared for the experience that is hot yoga! No detours today! From the comments that readers have left about Bikram, it sounds amazing and has really kept folks in good shape. Can't wait!

As for other news this weekend - the weather was GORGEOUS in Kentucky! 70 degree temps in July. We took the kids to the zoo and spent as much time outside as possible. Last night we went to a cookout for a friend's birthday and it actually got chilly as we sat outside on their deck. Who would have thought?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It's Monday - time to charge ahead!


Simone said...

That is EXACTLY the kind of thing my 3 yr old son does!!! He cannot resist toiletries, opening them and just "cleaning" other things with them....I could write a book....ugh!!! I feel your pain....we had a similar incident with Sudocreme - white, extra thick and SOOOO hard to remove!! Boys!!

Happy Monday!

Amanda Profumo said...

Eww... Elan has done the Vaseline spread before, it's awful. Whay do little ones love gross things so much?

Jo said...

Can't wait to hear about your class {hide the vaseline}!


Domestic Diva said...

Oh Goosh did you get it out? It is really good for the skin. Be sure not to have to much coffee today. You never want to have Starbucks on the day of BY. The posture positions that you do...cause the caffeine to flush your body. Making like you heart is going to jump out of your chest. Be sure not to eat to close to the class also. Just some helpful tricks. Many Years of experience. I once thought I need pick me up of Java before class to GET ME GOING>>>> HUGE mistake.
Can't wait to hear about it. xxxxx me

QueenBeeSwain said...

it will be even more of a treat tonight after the nuttiness on Saturday AM!

enjoy the camel and bow poses- those are my faves!



LPC said...

That is hysterical! 18 years ago my daughter went into the bathroom while I was nursing her little brother. She got into the Desitin. White cod liver based cream all over everything, including her. Then she cut off a piece of her hair. Oik. These things make great stories when they are teenagers...

Beth Dunn said...

I'm trying to motivate to do yoga right now. Hope you got to your class! xo

LindsB said...

Oh my gosh, I cant imagine the clean up job that must have taken...ugg that stuff sticks to everything. Hopefully you make it to hot yoga next time :)