Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Field Hockey Kate

Love this photo for a variety of reasons. First off, the Duchess is hanging with England's Olympic field hockey crew, stick in tow. She's a former field hockey player and this was a sport I played in high school, as did my mom and aunts who also graced the halls of my alma mater.

Second, she's sporting a pair of running shoes that look very similar to mine. I know, a stretch, but it's always good to see a duchess wearing a good pair of sneakers.

Finally, love the coral jeans. And, apparently, the jeans are now impossible to find because once she was seen wearing them, they flew off the shelves. But, seriously, Duchess, what size are those? Negative 00??

It's funny, because when buying soccer gear for my kids last week, my daughter gravitated toward the hockey and lacrosse sticks. Wow, they sure have a much better selection than when I was a kid - cool colors and designs. Of course, lacrosse wasn't even on the radar when I was in high school. Glad to see it's made it's way to these parts. But, please tell me why some of the sticks are $180 and up? Does it throw the ball for you?

Happy spring, friends! Enjoy!
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Main Line Sportsman said...

I think Kate needs a cheesesteak and a milk-shake. She looks way too thin.

Lily Lemontree said...

I am sure the pressures of her first year as a royal have a lot to do with her slight frame but she does look happy! And positively adorable in that outfit I might add!

sweetpea said...

my boys enjoy the expensive sport of lacrosse!
love those pictures!

Beth Dunn said...

She looks so cute! I loved playing field hockey

Celia M. c. said...

Hello my friend, Happy Spring!!! It's been a little crazy here, so I haven't stopped in as often as I like to. Great post on the Nike shoe, sounds like someone in Marketing and product development did not do their homework in naming the shoe!

LOVED!! Loved your green post!

Ah Duchess K. ~ she is a good sport and down to earth .. but yes a few more calories would not hurt her , her waist line.

Cheers, HHL

Town and Country Mom said...

Oy, the money I've spent on lacrosse gear. You don't even want to know--heck, I don't even want to know. If only there were a Michelle Obama-sanctioned Get Up and Move tax deduction for school sports equipment expenses! The Mister was chatting with the clerk at Dick's or Sports Authority or someplace similar, and he said, lacrosse has to be the most expensive sport, right. The clerk assured him that baseball was even worse! Who'd have thunk? I'd play both if I could look like Kate in those tangerine jeans!