Monday, March 26, 2012

Skirtin' Around

Well, quite the weekend for my alma mater. The University of Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the NCAA Final Four. And, that little team from Louisville is our first opponent in the tournament. I can't wait! Would love to go down to New Orleans for the game, but when I checked the prices of flights, they were CRAZY expensive. Plus, we don't have tickets to the actual games. Yeah, tickets to the games would be the whole purpose of going. Duh. That and hanging out in the French Quarter. It will be like Mardi Gras when the Big Blue Nation descends upon NOLA.

In the meantime, I've picked up the my running pace a bit, after taking yet another few weeks off. Now that we have more daylight later in the evening it helps. Plus, my kids' soccer practices take place at a park with a good running trail. Best thing about running? It's good for your health? Gets your heart pumping? Allows you to enjoy the great outdoors? Nooo, it's the outfits, dahhhling!
Yes, I'm joking. Sort of. I just bought a running skirt from Tar-jay and I love it! So very comfortable and, of course, cute.

Not sure what to think of the compression socks. Hey, runners out there, are the socks helpful? 

Happy Monday, friends. There will plenty of smack-talk throught the Commonwealth of Kentucky this week. Go CATS!!!
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Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I need a motivator! It is definitely time to lose a few.
Love the outfit in the first image.

sweetpea said...

love that first skort!

About Last Weekend said...

Clearly I'm not a runner ( I run with my knees together, not a good style) have never heard of compression socks!~ that is cute outfit though!

Ella said...

Oh, lucky you, I wish I could say that I've had a few weeks break from running. It's more like a few years. Maybe if I buy that cute skirt I can get myself out on my running shoes..... but I guess my body (my legs) doesn't look like the girls on the photo. I will have blisters on the inside of my thighs. So, I guess I have to start running with long trousers.
Happy Monday!