Monday, October 3, 2011

One More Reason I Like Football

During the fall season, Sundays at my house tend to involve laundry, something cooking on the stove (likely chili) and football on TV. And, it's not just my husband watching a game; I'm there, too. But, only if it’s a really good, old-school match-up. I won’t be tuning in to the Titans and the Jaquars – sorry. Redskins vs. Cowboys. Packers vs. Bears. Steelers vs. any team. That’s law in our house.

Now, to my girlfriends, this post may seem very football-focused, geared toward my male readers. But, if you hang on, I have something for you as well. I promise.

These days, I find myself cheering for Green Bay, since former Wildcat Randall Cobb is burning it up for the Packers. Any chance I can see a UK football player do well in the NFL, I’ll be watching. And, yesterday, as they played the Denver Broncos, I had hoped I’d see some Tim Tebow action, too. But, no, yet again he spent most of his time on the sidelines, while Orton threw THREE interceptions.

Seriously, when you have such a good guy playing for your team, who isn’t a cad like Tom Brady, or an endangerment to animals like Michael Vick, you would think you’d want to utilize him more. I know, I know. It's not about a person's values. And, there are two other QBs in line. There are politics at play. There's the concern Tebow won't live up to the post-Florida Gators hype.

But, Denver, you're 1 and 3 now. Tebow's an SEC product. And, well, just look at him:

Yeah, that's all I would need to see. You're in kid.

Happy Monday, friends!


Town and Country Mom said...

Tim Tebow became a role model for our boys when he played for UF, and I am so glad. I can't think of any current NFL player I'd rather them follow. I do hope he gets more game time this season!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Yay Randall Cobb! :-) Yay Cats....yes, you're right, it's nice to see UK football player do well, though I admit, I do not watch NFL, only college. As for Tim Tebow, well I live in Florida and am a Cats fan, so this is a difficult one because he's not only adorable to look at, but he's just a darn good guy!