Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Fall is my favorite time of year. The gorgeous colors, the crisp air, bonfires – it’s all there. And while the weather is a bit cooler this time of year, it’s still a perfect time to entertain outdoors and get the most out of an outdoor living space. To give you some ideas on how to decorate the area outside your home, Marissa Alan from Outdoor Living has agreed to be a guest blogger today. Enjoy!

Outdoor Decorating with the Four Classic Elements

Struggling with how to decorate your outdoor living space? You’re not alone. Despite so many great products coming out, the seemingly endless options are almost making it harder to fill out your space – you just don’t know where to start! But today, we’re going to take it back to the basics and make it simple. Here’s how you can decorate your outdoor space using the 4 classic elements:

First up is fire. Everybody loves sitting around a fire, whether it’s just to relax or having conversation with friends, so something like a fire pit is a natural addition to any backyard. They’re perfect as a centerpiece on the patio or for creating a separate area where people can go to socialize while enjoying that natural fire ambiance. As the outdoor living trend continues to grow, these have become one of the must-have accessories for the home.

Water comes next, and with it you have one of the most popular outdoor accessories – the water feature. There are so many ways to go here, and it really doesn’t matter what size space you’re working with. If you’ve got the room, you can put an extra large tiered fountain in your yard to create a beautiful focal point. If you’re working with a smaller area, a hanging wall fountain or a small tabletop design will give you all the benefits of a fountain without taking up as much space.

You might be wondering just how one implements the element of air in their outdoor design. It’s simple – with a wind chime! As the breeze blows and the air strikes the chimes, it creates a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere that will fill your whole outdoor area. And since they’re hung from above, you don’t have to sacrifice any floor space. While smaller than something like a fire pit or fountain, they make a great accessory to put that finishing touch on a patio.

Finally we come to earth, and nothing represents that better than having some plants in your outdoor space. With a few decorative planters, you can add style and greenery to the patio, giving it a lush, vibrant look. From terra cotta pots to window boxes to mini greenhouses, the options for planting on the patio are limitless. And that’s a good thing – an outdoor area can almost never have too much plant life!

As you can see, decorating your outdoor living space really doesn’t have to be that hard. Just keep those four simple elements in mind – fire, water, air, and earth – and you’ll have all you need to make a great outdoor area.

About the Author – Marissa Alan is a writer with Outdoor Living and a design enthusiast, both indoors and out. For more on items like bird bath fountains, fire pits, decorative planters, and wind chimes, visit
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