Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Would Emily Do?

An 18th edition of Emily Post’s” Etiquette: Manners for the New World” has been published and now addresses issues of the modern age, including Facebook, Twitter, texting, email, tattoos and piercings.

New York Times book critic, Dwight Garner feels that well enough should be left alone. You either get it or you don’t. Is an 18th edition needed? In my humble opinion, for far too many in the world, yes, a copy of this book is needed, and a new edition to boot. Gift wrapped and sat in one’s lap. Or, in some cases, gift wrapped and hit upside one’s head.

I do agree with Mr. Garner’s comments about much of the book being common sense; yet, perhaps he hasn’t interacted with much of the general public of late. Unfortunately, for so many, it’s not second nature. Have you seen any episodes of “The Real Housewives” franchise? Enough said. Although, this comment in his review made me laugh:

It is perhaps overly packed too with advice so obvious you wonder if its authors question its readers’ ability to walk down the street safely. From Page 25: “Use caution going around the corners of buildings to avoid a collision with someone coming round the other way.” Roger that.

But, considering a young woman in my office parking garage recently was hit by a car, because she was staring down at her iPhone and not paying attention to the fact that she darted in front of a moving vehicle, well, that’s why there’s an 18th edition. She’s one who needs a gift-wrapped version to the head.

It is good to know there is a new generation of Posts trying to keep their great-great grandmother's legacy alive. Be sure to visit to learn more. Yes, Virginia, Emily Post has a website. Ah, the irony.

What are your thoughts on etiquette and manners in today’s society? Is it fading? Are you trying to keep it alive? If so, how? 

That reminds me - my daughter needs to write a thank you note. Rest assured, it will be handwritten and not emailed. God forbid. ;)
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Main Line Sportsman said...

Yes, many deserve to be hit upside the head with this wonderful tome!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Other than the Bible, this is the book that is always next to me. I wish everyone read it, lol.
Thanks for sharing the new edition.
Have a great day.

Tote said...

I agree completly with you. Way too many young people have no idea regarding manners. I don't think parents enforce the idea of using manners in every day life.

JMW said...

As an addendum to today's post, when I saw the principal's newsletter from my daughter's school (I check it online) this afternoon, the first page was all about manners. That's one of their "values" lessons for the week. I was so happy to see it!

Lily Lemontree said...

Wonderful post!! The 18th edition of this marvelous tome is probably needed more today than any other time in history! I spend my days teaching the importance of 'common sense', along with courtesy, kindness and respect, the corner stones of modern etiquette and as for the common sense part of the equation, it is not as common as most think!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I must get a copy! It is sooooo important to have children WRITE thank you notes, isn't it!!!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

A subject near and dear to my heart. When I worked at KS, we had an expert come in and coach us on business etiquette and there was a period of time when new copies of Emily Post's book were given to new employees. I have to admit I haven't cracked mine open to this day. I'd like to think it's common sense (at least, for me) avoiding a collision on the street. Yet I'd love to give a copy to quite a few! I do wish that if they took the time to update it, they would have omitted the obvious -and yet, maybe that's the point of "you get it or you don't"...what's obvious to some is not to others. My sister's (private) school offered Pink Lemonade classes, which taught them to attend a dinner party or other social events and it was really adorable. I wish they offered etiquette classes to all schools since not everybody's parents teach this at home, sadly (like my in-laws...wink).

preppyplayer said...

Manners never go out of style!
Yet, I do feel as though they have gone out the window with certain folks.
I am constantly reminding my children to use there manners and their age range is 27-14 years-old!
It never ends.
I always tell them that if they have good manners people will like them and if people like them?
They will have an easier time in this world.

With love... said...

I love this book. Recently added this to my collection. Manners are everything and I am blessed to have parents that always pushed for that. Now I am always looking to improve everyone else's etiquette in any way or form.

(abosultey love the thank you cards: which are sent by mail not e-mail)

Thank you for sharing.

Have an exquisite day.

myletterstoemily said...

i think all of her good common sense is
as helpful today as ever. unfortunately,
some additions would be appreciated,

cell phones or computers at the dinner
table, while driving, during any time with
another 'present' adult are bad manners
and/or dangerous. that's what messages
are for.

hand written notes are even more
precious and appreciated now than ever.


I totally agree with you--everyone should take a look at the book although its usually the ones that need it most that don't!

Tessa said...

I have a vintage 1950 version and I find it a riot. I think that unfortunately the people who are thoughtful enough to buy the book are the ones that don't need it. Wonder if there is a section on blogging etiquette??
have a great weekend!! xo, Tessa

Jo said...

I've come to learn that common sense is longer common; it's extremely rare in many cases. A copy of this new release should be given out to one and all.


tinabells said...

emily knows all! xoxo...