Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gardening with kate

If I had a serious green thumb, and lots of cash to spend, I would have to purchase this gardening bag from kate spade. How cute is that? But, really, would you spend $345 on something that you're going to place in the dirt? I guess for the wealthy, it's not a concern. :)


QueenBeeSwain said...

a *little* over the top regardless of the economy... did see it yesterday over lunch- also k-s has one that is green with a lime on it that says "g & t"- fun, but for $345, no siree.

thank you for keeping us abreast on all of the latest of the derby celebrations, btw :) am sure the excitement in your neck of the woods is simply contagious!


JMW said...

Hey, Queen Bee -
Yep, it's one big party all week. Makes it a bit hectic to get out of downtown each day, but it's tons of fun. I was worried that I may be boring readers with all the Derby talk, but glad to hear you're enjoying it!