Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recap

What a busy weekend! Easter was wonderful - church, egg hunts, candy, good food, more candy. While it was a bit cool over the weekend, the sun was out, and I'll take that over the rainy weather we had on Friday.

We had to laugh when we saw the photo of the kids above - see the shadow of the Easter Bunny? How did he get there?

Would love to hear what you did on Easter - please share your stories!


Jo said...

What a fun day ~ love the shadow! Sounds like you were busy non~stop. We had a quiet day at home which was just fine with me.


Courtney said...

This is the best photo ever!! I love the looming shadow. How hilarious.

Thanks so much for officially introducing yourself, Jen. It's been such fun discovering new readers and blogs! Thanks for the well wishes on our new adventures -- and look forward to hearing from you again. xx

g. said...

So, so cute.