Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Book Recommendations and More Derby Prep

Just finished Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s “The Bucolic Plague,” as well as Julia Reed’s "Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns and Other Southern Specialties: An Entertaining Life (With Recipes)." I now want to be a lady farmer and market my own goat soap, a la the Fabulous Beekman Boys (Purcell and Brent Ridge), and make about every wonderful recipe in Reed’s book. Her epilogue featuring an ode to pimento cheese is great. In fact, at the art fair last Saturday, I dined on pimento cheese and Benedictine sandwiches, which I LOVE. Mmm, mmm.

Both books are entertaining reads that I highly recommend. You may not want to read them on an empty stomach, though, because the descriptions of fresh veggies, fruit and decadent Southern dishes will make your mouth water.

My next book purchase may have to be Reed’s “The House on First Street” about the home she purchased in New Orleans’ Garden District, four weeks before Hurricane Katrina hit.

So, dear friends, what are you reading these days and any recommendations you’d like to share?

Derby update: Found my cigar box purse! Yep, it was sitting right in front of me on a shelf in my closet. It may be time for another trip to the opthamologist

Had a video conference call with some colleagues in Pennsylvania this morning who asked why I wasn't wearing my Derby hat. Just because it's Derby week, doesn't mean we wear hats the entire week. But, it’s primed and ready, thanks for asking. 

So our kids can get in on the fun, I’m going to let Miss E. pick out one of my past Derby hats to wear during the race and Little Man is going to pick out one of Hubby’s bow ties. They’re excited. Last year we had a party at home, so they spent the day amid the craziness of a big Derby shindig. This year they’re perfectly content spending the day at home again, this time with Grandma and Grandpa. I know my parents are hoping naps for all are in order at some point that day.

Again, fingers crossed, hands folded in prayer and any other ritual you can think of to keep the rain away from these parts on Derby Day would be much appreciated. Last year it poured down rain and we lost power during our party. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!
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Kerr said...

oooh benedictine sandwiches, I might have to add that to my party food list!

my parents used to host a Derby party every year but my brother and I were always sent to my grandparents for the day. I act like I am insulted but it is one of my favorite childhood memories with them.

Ella said...

I have said it before, and I must tell you again how much I'm looking forward to see your post after the Derby.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I thought you guys were going to the race??

Town and Country Mom said...

Love Julia Reed! Have fun at the Derby and related events. I co-chaired a fund-raising progressive dinner one year that happened to fall on Derby Day. My co-chair was a serious KY girl, so the planning committee and our husbands met at my house for juleps and cheese straws to watch the Derby before joining 50 other couples as we ate a course at four different restaurants. Such a fun and successful evening, and I attribute it to our early start with the juleps! ;)

bevy said...

So glad you found your purse! Hate when I can't fing things... And it's supposed to be warm and sunny here in SC on Saturday. Here's to the same in Lexington!

Jo said...

This happens to me all the time but we haven't moved in years ~ what's my excuse?

Love that the children are gettin in on the fun! Have a great time and share lots of pictures.


About Last Weekend said...

Both books sound great. Will read yummy food book before the Plague one though!

Jessica said...

I love to share book titles! I am reading Elin Hilenbrand's Summer People. Her stories are all set on Nantucket... She is a good story teller and the books are quick and great beach reads.

Renée Finberg said...

i can't wait for the derby!!
take lotza pics.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Good to know that you enjoyed Reed's book b/c I have the Turtle Derby one and found it hard to get into and set it down, never to return. I have the New Orleans one but have never delved in. Oh, how I have the desire to read but not the time. When do you sneak your time in to read?

Pimento & Cheese. I know this is going to sound very un-Southern of me but I've never liked it in all of my 37 years UNTIL I had it at my friend's Easter egg hunt. She had made Paula Deen's recipe and now I'm hooked and I keep meaning to email her and ask if she doesn't mind me making it for Stella's bday...even Stella ate it and she usually only eats air.

Enjoy Derby Day...can't wait to hear all about it!

JMW said...

Main Line, we are going to the Derby, I'm just hoping for good weather b/c we'll be outside, and that the power doesn't go off at home while my parents are babysitting the kids (that would not be pretty).

Main Line Sportsman said...

OK...just checking
I suggest betting on Acrarcharch or the horse Calvin Borrel is riding...just my 2 cents.
Have a great day and you will look smashing in that hat!