Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dash & Albert

Has anyone ever purchased a rug from Dash & Albert? If so, would love to hear about it. They look super-cool online, but I’m just wondering about the quality. Apparently only one store in Louisville carries them, so I'd need to trot over there to see them in person. Would love to have one for my kitchen (to cover that awful green linoleum until we can put down different flooring).
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Amanda said...

Found your blog through a comment on the Newlywed Diaries. I do have a D&A rug for my kitchen. It is wool hooked and has held up great!!! Have had it for a year and 3 months. The area is high traffic with spills etc and we have a lab puppy that loves to lay on it when i'm cooking. With all that said, they are a good investment and mine has held up. A little pricey but worth it.

Jennifer said...

Hi! I have a woven cotton one in our bathroom. It's brown and white striped and shows dirt pretty quickly. Luckily it's small and I just toss it on the wash with the towels every week (pretty standard for a bath mat, I think). I think I'm supposed to dry clean it, but I've never had any problems. It's even gone through the dryer once or twice.

It'd definitely be worth it to check out you TJ Maxx and see if you can get one for $13 before you make an investment!

kristy said...

Oooooh, I just visited their site, love their rugs. Thanks for sharing this company. I am in need of a good size run for our foyer. Do let us know if you end up buying one.