Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate: It's time to move on

A word to Jon & Kate: pull the plug now. For the sake of your children, stop the farce and allow them to lead normal lives. The longer this continues, the more damage will be done to their self-esteem and sense of who they really are.

I only caught a glimpse of last night’s season premiere and quite frankly, didn’t have the stomach to watch it. With all of the media hype surrounding their supposed “marriage-in-peril,” I’m so over it.

And, as for you, TLC Network, have the courage to look beyond the ratings and see what has become of this family. Clearly, your network is favoring more sideshow-esque programming these days than your original intent of that as “The Learning Channel.” Well, if anything, we’re learning that a reality show is not the way to go (although, when, if ever, is it?).

So, Gosselins, my advice to you is to collect your final paycheck, put it in savings, turn off the cameras and let the healing begin.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more!

Domestic Diva said...

You put it so nicely. I was so outraged last night. Why in the world would you ever do this to your family. She has changed so much. I don't think pimping your family on TV is a job. I can not believe anyone would have a desire too watch this train wreck. It is one thing to watch housewives behaving badly...their children are not the focus and much older! This show however is WRONG!!
Have a great day!!
xxxx me

Pamela's Pink Pencil said...

I agree. I refuse to even watch the show now because I will not further encourage ratings. If my marriage was in trouble, I would not call People magazine for an interview.