Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Twitter Train

Did anyone catch the article in today's New York Times Style section about Twitter and the emerging role of Social Media specialists? More and more companies are turning to Twitter as a marketing tool to get their brand out to the masses and engage younger customers.

The first woman they profile works at a vineyard in Sonoma County as a "lifestyle correspondant," is paid $10,000 a month, lives in company-paid housing and blogs about wine. While the job is only for a 6-month stint, it's a pretty sweet set-up for temporary work.

So, I'm curious, how many of you are on Twitter? While I do have a Facebook page, I've yet to open a Twitter account. Although, next week I plan to attend a social media webinar, so perhaps after that, I'll be catching the Twitter train myself. Please share - would love to hear if you Twitter, or Tweet, or whatever the lingo is.

Happy Thursday, y'all - the holiday weekend is almost here!
Image courtesy of The New York Times


MLG said...

I just found your blog and absolutely love it. What a great read. I read several of your entries and just love it. I felt the same about Pretty in Plaid too. Catch the twitter train!

Jo said...

I'm not that "current." I'm not exactly sure the benefits of Twitter. I have a hard enough time communicating with the forms I currently use.


Domestic Diva said...

I do not twitter or facebook. I barley have to blog.
I am the kind of person that doesn't check phone messages for weeks! So out of touch.
Have a terrific Thursday!!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely blog.
Don't tweet yet but thinki it's a great tool when used properly.

Jessi said...

I have a facebook account, but haven't done the twitter thing yet....too much to keep up with!

Amanda Profumo said...

I'm not tweetin' just yet, I have a hard time keeping up on Facebook! I'm sure I'll get there eventually!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Yes ma'am!