Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Tradition: The Nutcracker

This weekend, there are tons of holiday activities, from our daughter's Christmas program today, to decorating the tree, story time at Barnes & Noble and finally a performance of The Nutcracker on Sunday afternoon. I’m so excited for both of our kids to see The Louisville Ballet’s new production. Apparently the costumes and sets are completely new – brought in from a ballet company in South Africa. I’ve already heard how incredible the production is, which is good, because I’ve been a bit worried that my two-year-old son won’t be able to sit through it. I took my daughter and the grandmothers last year, and, of course, she was entranced by the whole production. So, here’s hoping Little Guy will have the same experience, because Mommy and Daddy don’t want to be stuck walking around the lobby!

In preparation for the many holiday activities, I couldn’t help but pick up some festive clothes for the kids. I ran over to a great children’s boutique the other day and got my daughter a beautiful green bishop dress with smocking (candy canes) and Little Guy red cords and a navy sweater. The sweater is from a Kentucky-based children’s line, Bella Bliss, which has fabulous kids’ clothing. Check them out if you’re looking for something special.

So, dear blog friends, what do you have on tap this weekend? Parties? Trimming the tree? Enjoying some nog? Would love to hear how everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. Have a great weekend!
Image courtesy of San Francisco Ballet


QueenBeeSwain said...

is there ANYTHING as magical as the Nutcracker?! oooh all the fun you'll have! I always gasp when the Christmas tree grows and my tum flipflops during the Pas de Deux!

PS- you have to pick up the book I wrote about today to share with your little Sugarplum Fairy- a great mother-daughter Christmas book :)



Natasha said...

It sounds like you will be having a wonderful weekend with your family. Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary so we might go on a family date tonight to celebrate. I have been in a cleaning frenzy this last week to prepare for our visitors from Ohio who arrive next week to have Christmas with us, so I think I will be doing more of that too!

Have a fabulous time and best wishes, Natasha.

sara said...

We're currently trying to find at least one free moment to go see the Nutcracker production - I've heard wonderful things. Question - where did you end up getting your daughter's dress? I'm always on the hunt for cute children's clothing in Louisville.

Meals by Misty said...

I really need a young child to hang out with...or better yet, I need to have one of my own. The hubby doesn't enjoy wonderous things like the Nutcracker. I guess he's my nut-cracker. We are spending time with the nephews and my sister in law. Gotta love the sister in law.

Lily Lemontree said...

Oohh, I would love to take my little ones to see the Nutcracker but I am afraid my son would have to be restrained! Maybe next year.
I have never known anyone that had a birthday in December until this year. Seven children in my daughters class have birthdays this month and three of them are this weekend!

bevysblog said...

Love the Nutcracker! I can remember performing in it when I was a child. It is truly a magical event - Snow (the picture you have )is my favorite scene. Just beautiful.

We just got back from a cocktail party in the balcony of our local theater as a preview to a production of "It's a Wonderful Life". What a wonderful evening! Tomorrow night is a party we are hosting for my husband's business. Busy, busy, busy... and fun, fun, fun!

I know you will all have a wonderful time this weekend as well!

Amy R. said...

I have never seen the Nutcracker, but would love to add that to my list to see and do. My gal friends and I went to see the Rockettes Thursday evening. All those legs were amazing! I went to the Bella Bliss sale in Lexington last week with my BFF; everything is so cute. I picked up a pair of pj's for myself. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Nutcracker performance!

Rhonda said...

Love Bella Bliss! Hope your Sunday is wonderful! We're going to the Titans game, and wrapping Christmas presents! Love your blog.