Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Step Away from the Candy and Get Off the Couch…

My new down jacket from The North Face - love it!

So, 2010 begins this Friday and yet again, I’m resolving to get in shape in the New Year. With the cold weather and gray days/dark nights setting in, it’s very easy to just crawl under the covers, watch TV and pack on the pounds (a recap of last winter). But, this year I’m determined not to let that happen. For one thing, I received some great workout clothes to motivate the style maven in me. Who wouldn’t want to work out in cute clothes?

Seriously, though, I wanted some warmer workout clothes to brave walks in the neighborhood in colder weather, you know, when I actually pull my sorry butt off the couch. So, Mom gave me some fabulous fleece pants and an extra soft fleece pullover, both from The North Face. At first I thought they wouldn’t keep me too warm, but I had to take them off in the house after a while because I broke out in a sweat! So, should be great for the outdoors. Then, Hubby surprised me with a wonderful down jacket, also from The North Face, that is perfect for running around outside. It is so warm and comfy. I wish I had a full bodysuit made out of the material! Prior to this Christmas, I’d never owned anything by North Face – just thought it was a fashionable outdoorsy brand. But, I’ve been impressed so far. What do you think of The North Face? Like/dislike? Any other active wear brands you would recommend? (I had tried ordering some items from one of my favorite retailers, Title Nine, but unfortunately, they didn’t have many sale items left in my size.)

Get this: I even brought my running shoes to work this morning so I could run the stairs during lunch. Wow, I must really be getting into this. So, after eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich this afternoon (lunch of champions), I’ll hit the stairwell. Really, I swear. :)


Ami said...

Seriously, the hardest part is getting started and getting a routine about it. It was for me, nearly killed me! But now, just a month later, I crave my time in the gym and I feel SO much better!
Good luck to you in the New Year! I've really enjoyed your blog!

QueenBeeSwain said...

do it girl. and this is one time I am going to pull an "if I do it, you can do it"- but if I can get out in the frigid frozen tundra and workout 6 days a week, you can do the same in balmy (all things are relative!) 'Tucky :)

I'd look into buying a few of The Firm dvds- cardiosculpt- they rock and all you need are 3 lbs weights. they're the only ones I actually believe in, in terms of a workout dvd- most just don't accomplish anything. pick up a book too on intro to weighlifting- seriously, I saw the most drastic transformation once I started lifting- takes patience, grit and about 2 months to see results.

own it!



Anonymous said...

sounds like y'all had a great christmas! you will enjoy the years of wear you will get out of the north face gear. now go, get off the sofa and take a walk(ok, you're probably at work right now, but later so for that walk)!
Hope y'all have a GREAT 2010!

bevysblog said...

Have you seen Entertaining House today??? If you eat some of that amazing dessert, you better get off the couch!!!

Melissa said...


I stumbled upon your blog. I am so glad that I did. It's a joy to read.

Happy Holidays!

Rita said...

I must say you are several steps ahead of the rest of us...or at least those like me who are waiting until January 1 to take the leap...running to the gym.

I agree with QBS, The Firm is a great workout. I found that a 20 minutes workout every morning worked wonders on my butt. I used the set with the double steps and the weights.

Jessi said...

Love PBJ & jelly sandwiches for lunch!!!!

sanjeet said...

I crave my time in the gym and I feel SO much better!
Good luck to you in the New Year! I've really enjoyed your blog!

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