Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Holiday Shuffle

My lovely SIL, Anne, who hosted us last week, posing with my daughter, Miss E.

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Between our trip to North Carolina and preparing for Christmas, I've had little time to sit down at the computer.

Our trip to see Hubby's family in Charlotte was so much fun! We stayed at my SIL's house and enjoyed spending time with her hubby and our nephews. We also got to meet the newest addition to our family, Hubby's brother and sister-in-law's little Miss M. She is scrumptious! I was holding her and got the slight twinge of baby-lust, but then my two-year-old started screeching from the other room and that feeling quickly subsided. ;)

Luckily, we missed the terrible snowstorm that hit parts of Virginia, West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. We drove home on Sunday with no problems and enjoyed seeing the beautiful snow-covered landscape.

Since I'm off work this week, I've been spending my days completing my Christmas list (no, I wasn't finished yet!) and getting the house in working order. The kids went to pre-school the last couple of days because fun activities were taking place (cookie-making, games, etc.) and they didn't want to miss it. So, I took advantage of the time to get organized. Today, they are staying home (Hubby has to work, though) and we're going to spend some quality time together. Perhaps we'll walk over to welcome our new neighbors. I understand they have twin two-year-olds, so good news for Little Man.

Oh, one more thing: Happy anniversary to my parents who are celebrating 37 years of marriage today. Love you guys!
Happy Holidays!


Beth Dunn said...

That dress your niece is wearing is adorable! xoxo


QueenBeeSwain said...

LOVE this post- so full of cheer and merriment :)

Merry Merry and love that you are swept up in the spirit of the season :)



JMW said...

Thanks, Beth! Actually, that's my daughter. She loves that dress b/c it has great "twirl" appeal. :)

The Southern Lady said...

You certainly are in the holiday spirit! I'm glad your trip to the Queen City was a good one.

Your daughter is too adorable-I bet she's super excited about Christmas this year.

Best wishes to you and yours, Merry Christmas!

bevysblog said...

Cute, cute daughter! You should have come down a little further: to South Carolina!

Samma said...

Miss E is darling! And congratulations to your parents! Merry, merry!

Lily Lemontree said...

Congratulations to your parents! Glad to have you back, there is a little something for you over at my blog, this is the link-
Have a very Merry Christmas!

teresa-bug said...

I am glad you had fun in my city!!! We sure did luck out on the weather although I like to see a little snow!! Merry Christmas!

Slices of Beauty... said...

37 years!
Happy annivesary to your parents too.

Merry Christmas.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Oh wow, 37 years. Congratulations!
Have a very Merry Christmas,
xx MM

sanjeet said...

That dress your niece is wearing is adorable!

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