Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Beads, King Cake, purple and green: it's Mardi Gras! Time to eat, drink and be merry. Then, tomorrow, we fast.

As you know, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I'm Catholic, so I'll be getting my ashes and fasting as best I can that day (I have a permanent crown procedure at the dentist tomorrow, so it's probably best I don't go in there totally famished, because it could get ugly. Sorry, God.) Often, I "give up" something for Lent, and it's usually chocolate. This can be very difficult, but at the end of 40 days, there's always an Easter basket. Why is it, though, that the Girl Scout cookies always arrive during Lent? Why must I be tempted in such a way? Oh, well. I'll throw a box in the freezer. This year, I've also decided to give up soft drinks. I love them, but they're baaaaad. My hope is to continue this "sacrifice" long after Lent.

Really, though, these aren't true sacrifices. And, it's better to do, rather than just refrain, and, now that I'm a community advisor for one of the Junior League provisional groups this season, I've got that part covered. Whew, do I have that part covered! (I'll get through it, I'll get through it...)

So, dear friends, if you observe Lent, are you giving anything up? Doing something special? Or perhaps the more interesting question is, what are you doing for Fat Tuesday?? ;)
Image courtesy of J. Peterman

P.S. - Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments you left yesterday! You guys are the best! And, I loved hearing about your Valentine's Day activities as well. Hope everyone had a great day!


Tish Jett said...

omg, I forgot the JLM part of your blog address. That was quite a surprise.

Whew, all is well now. Because you know how mad I am about your blog, please pop over for a visit so I can tell you in another way.

Gosh, scary.


Lily Lemontree said...

I don't observe Lent but my husband and children do. My 6 year old daughter spends the weeks before Ash Wednesday fretting over what she is going to give up (one year it was chocolate and she almost didn't make it) It surprises me how much perserverance she can have when she really wants to stick to something, it makes me proud of her.
Good luck at the dentist!

Chic Coles said...

After Mardi Gras, it would be a good idea for me to give something (or somethings) up for Lent.

LindsB said...

I wish I was down there, if only for some of that king cake I keep seeing everywhere- yum!

Amy R. said...

I am Catholic too, so I will be getting my ashes as well. I plan to give up the morning crutch (coffee). I have acquired a little bit of a dependence for it. I am sure I will be a real bear for several days while I am drying out. Perhaps you could look at it as "rehab" for the body and spirit. I tried to give this up last year and I had to revise my sacrifice to one cup a day instead of none. I will try harder this year, I must!

bevysblog said...

I am a Baptiscopalian so I still celebrate Lent (from my Episcopal upbringing!). I love Ash Wednesday and the solemnity ushering the Holy Season.

Oh another note, so sorry you were outvoted re Edisto. How fun would that have been to meet over the summer! Maybe next year! :)

Queen "B" said...

enjoyed dropping in to visit
sending Aloha wishes from across the sea