Friday, November 5, 2010

Savor Thanksgiving

I know it’s tempting to immediately jump right into discussions of the holiday season, namely Christmas. Especially since red and green invaded the stores before Halloween even arrived. But, I always feel that Thanksgiving should have its due. Seriously, why would you speed past a holiday that is basically an homage to food? You can still keep up your harvest decorations, enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade AND plenty of football on TV; then eat yourself into oblivion, knowing that (for many of us) you don’t have to work or go to school the next day. How great is this??

Really, savor this day. Don’t rush full-force into the Christmas shopping season. Give thanks and enjoy your feast with family and friends. Then, for those of you who shop the day after Thanksgiving, get up early and hit the ground running. I’ll still be asleep in bed and will join the online shopping masses on Cyber Monday.
Image courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

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Town and Country Mom said...

Yes, I so agree. Thanksgiving and these sweet weeks of fall beforehand need to be savored. Gratitude over greed!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I love Thanksgiving, but I am dying to get started on Christmas. While growing up, you didn't put up any sign of Christmas until the day after Christmas.
Thanksgiving is a day for the entire family, and I have always enjoyed it.
Have a nice weekend.

James said...

Every year I try to slow the Holidays down, but without success. I enjoy the time with family and friends, but it just flashes by.

bevy said...

I am growing to love Thanksgiving more as I grow older. I am having my husband's entire family (about 20) over for dinner. Thank goodness I am not cooking everything, but I am looking forward to "dressing" up the house and sharing with everyone.

Karena said...

Yes, I really want to cherish one season at a time!

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Art by Karena

EntertainingMom said...

LOVE Thanksgiving! You can still get in the holiday spirit. I view Thanksgiving and Christmas as part of The Holiday Season!

Farmchick said...

I really agree with this post. I do not decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is several days after the holiday is past.

Natasha said...

I wish we had Thanksgiving over here in Australia but sadly we don't. All I have to look forward to then is Christmas....which is a wonderful thing to look forward to of course!

We love the idea of Thanksgiving, though, and we have been having a Thanksgiving dinner at our place every year for the last 6 years or so. I make turkey, sweet potato pie and I even buy a bottle of Californian wine. We will definitely think of you and all of our American friends when we give thanks that night!

Best wishes and happy weekend,

Tessa said...

Amen, sister!

kayce hughes said...

Thanks for the advice and the blog tip.

Ella said...

Thanksgiving would have been perfect for me right now. We only have Christmas to look forward to and I sometimes get too stressed because of all things I'm supposed to do for Christmas.

Thanks for a nice blog
Best wishes

Jo said...

I too agree with enjoying the special meaning of Thanksgiving. I'm living in the moment and loving all that autumn has to offer.

Have a wonderful weekend~

Metropolitan Mum said...

Completely agree with you. London si so gorgeous in autumn, with all the gold and amber leaves coming off the trees.
Hope you'll feel better soon. x

annechovie said...

Great advice - I so agree!

Tracy F. said...

Great advice! I couldn't agree more...

The Southern Lady said...

I've always loved this picture from MSL.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, even though this year it will be hard as we'll be away from family. That said, I've never understood why merchants skip over it~even before Halloween is in stock~in lieu of putting out Christmas decorations. Giving thanks doesn't have to be celebrated only once a year, but it's a shame to see the one day where it is most strongly represented being overshadowed by commercialism. A sign of the times, I suppose.

All we can do is what we do, and continue to our own traditions~making every moment precious and appreciating all that falls inbetween. Not a tall order, right?

I can't wait to create our own traditions in our new home. I bet you feel the same way!

A lovely November week to you and yours...