Monday, November 8, 2010

Shoes with a Statement

Heard of GTH pants? Well, here’s a lovely pair of Stubbs and Wootton slippers wishing you the same sentiment.

It certainly takes the right personality to pull off wearing such a pair of slippers, wouldn’t you say? I think I’ll go with the equine version or the velvet or plaid versions in the pics below. A little more my style.

Happy Monday, y'all!
Images from Stubbs and Wootton


The Consummate Hostess said...

Hilarious! No way do I have the sass to pull off these shoes but I sure think it sometimes. Happy Monday!

Jo said...

Brought a smile to my face ~ wouldn't be able to pull the first ones off.


vir beātum said...

Rather fond of the plaid variety - I shall have a word with Mrs. VB's Christmas list maker. I cannot quite discern who would want to sport the offending articles in the first picture, however. But each to his own and all that.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

My mom had the horse in blankets slippers! xx

James said...

Well they do make a statement. I just would not want to be surprised by running into the Parrish Priest while wearing them!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

oh, yes, i am definitely NOT cool enough to pull these off. :)

High Heeled Life said...

I would to be able to pull these off ... but the horse ones are me.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love the equestrian slippers! Yes, I could pull these off.
Have a great week.

myletterstoemily said...

super cute! i would need the bass
clef and treble clef signs. :)

North of 25A said...

Not quite for me; but you have to laugh. Now the plaid...those are more my style.
Thanks for the smile!

teresa-bug said...

I am afraid that there are times when my face says that...perhaps I need to get some shoes to match!

Karena said...

Oh I would love the equine ones!!

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Jennifer said...

Gorgeous shoes! it's time to get ready for thanksgiving...home you have a lovely time!

EntertainingMom said...

Love them! You've been tagged. It's fun and I promise you will enjoy it!

The Southern Lady said...

Love them! I do need to do a bit of shoe shopping...

Have a wonderful day!

Beth Dunn said...

Oh my those are FUNNY. There are days I wish that was on my forehead

Renee Finberg said...

i did a post on these a few weeks ago.
i love stubbs.
i have a pair in zebra velvet,
i love them sooooooo.

a couple came in the store today and the wife was wearing a pair,
(i knew that they were the real ones)
so i made a remark;
" lovely stubbs"
her husband smiled and said;
" ohhhhh, so you know..."
...people are so weird.
but we knew that.


A Refocused Life said...

Well, that really is a statement - not for me, but certainly a conversation starter. Have a wonderful week.

Donna said...

Funny...but could not wear them...ha! Kinda shades of the past that I liked in the rest:-)

Farmchick said...

I do like the first pair...quite cheeky! Couldn't wear those to work though!

bevy said...

What a hoot that would be to be able to pull the first pair off!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I am your newest follower! The first pair is hilarious! Thank you for sharing!!

Have an awesome day!

Jane K. Schott said...

I just put in my order for a custom pair of flat shoes like this from Shoes By Del Toro in MIami Beach, made in Spring. LOVE their shoes.

I ordered khaki linen with a scull and cross bones in black on the toe....happy holidays mattes!

Next year the order will be personalized wtih that great screw! FAB!